CF Artist Profiles

Mikey Loopy Schafer ( - See Mikey's Music & Videos & Drawings and Paintings & Short Stories and Poems
Diagnosed at 9. was on meds for 7 years. Went through a spiritual transformation/awakening. Then focused on all choices to be heart/intuition based. Stopped taking meds and visiting the doctor at about 17. Went into a type of Isolation(Which i'm still in) to learn and grow in self discovery. Currently working on Energetic work and Life theme resolution. Main focus for physical body as of now is the purging and detoxification of the physical Body. Sober for over a month. Oh yeah and i create my own music. i focus on vibrational healing (Through sound), which is why music is my passion/Cure.  You can follow me on
Twitter, @yaaboiischafer, Facebook, and on YouTube.

Daniela Brunini - See Daniela's Drawings and Paintings

Stephanie Santana - See Stephanie's Photosand Drawings and Paintings

My story is in my blog You can follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

Krystal Marie - See Kystal's Drawings and Paintings & Photos & Misc. Art

  Julie Ice - See Julie's Short Stories & Poems

Julie Ice, 42 was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at 23.  Armed with the news of a shortened life expectancy, Julie provided the inspiration for the creation of America’s largest Great Strides Team:  Julie’s Dream Team.  To date, Julie’s Dream Team has generated approximately $200,000 for CF research….by never asking for money….by asking people to “Live Life…Help Others Live Theirs©”  In 2011, Julie successfully received a double-lung transplant.   Her story of courage inspired the writing of “Julie: The Courage to Breath” which offers an insight to the battle that is waged daily for cystics, and the ultimate victory of life than can come by never giving up.  100% of the proceeds are directed to the CF Foundation to help find a cure.  Julie’s Dream Team was awarded the 2011 CF Foundation’s Rookie of the Year, 2012 Volunteer of the Year and the 2012 Kentucky Health Charities “Champions in Health Award.”

Kristina Eaton - See Kristina's Drawings and Paintings & Tattoos

My name is Kristina Eaton and I'm 20 years young. I'm from Kaufman, Texas and I was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis when I was 4 months old. I was fairly lucky with my CF until I got into high school and ever since it's been a battle I've always won. I was diagnosed with CF Related Diabetes at the end of my junior year on January 4th, 2010. Cystic Fibrosis has taught me that no matter what happens in life God never gives you more than you can handle and you just gotta roll with the punches. Life ain't always beautiful but it can be a beautiful ride.

Dan Keeley - See Dan's Drawings and Paintings

April Sinclair - See April's Drawings and Paintings & Photos & Short Stories and Poems & Videos
From Pennsylvania, I enjoy expressing myself through art.  I'm 17 years old, and am always looking for a way to give back to the CF Community.

Visit April's FB Art Site - 65 Roses Collection - Purchase art already on site, or art drawn by request. Proceeds for pieces sold go to Cystic Fibrosis.  

Jen Holst-Grubbe Roussel - See Jen's Drawings and Paintings

Joanne Garbarino - See Joanne's Misc. Art

Noel Ajay Colleran - See Noel's Drawings and Paintings
Born with CF, Noel was raised by a band of warrior monks who taught him the values of peace and justice, which he promptly forgot.  Studied Physics and Chemistry in school, and later went on the study Psychology at University, Noel now spends his leisurely hours drawing his own webcomic series, C.R.A.I.C! Comics.  In February 2013, Noel successfully received a double lung transplant. He now plans to travel the globe, righting that which once went wrong, hoping that his next leap will be the leap home.Follow on Twitter @craic_comics

Jordan Elizabeth Mears
- See Jordan's Drawings and Paintings and Videos

Pippa Mawbey - See Pippa's Misc. Art
Hi there my name is Pippa! I'm 29 years old and I was diagnosed with cf when I was 2. I received my shiny new lungs on the 20.4.12 after waiting just 3 months. I was very lucky. Before tx I was on oxygen 24/7. It's great not having to wear it now!
I'm slightly obsessed with Disney. I went for my tx anniversary and I'm going again later in the year for a friends anniversary!! My favourite films are 10 things I hate about you and George of the jungle.  I work at the National theatre.

Jax Brooks - See Jax's Drawings and Paintings

Michelle de Bruin - See Michelle's Drawings and Paintings and Misc. Art

Stacia Eckhardt - See Stacia's Short Stories and Poems
I'm 15 years old and from ohio. I was diagnosed with CF when I was nine and have had very little health issues. I run track and play volleyball, and I really enjoy writing about the feeling and thoughts around me.

Claire Elise Endicott - See Claire's Drawings and Paintings

Maria Davila - See Maria's Misc. Art

Caren Crase - See Caren's Misc. Art

40+ years of surviving CF! Many ups and downs in health but keep plugging on! I have lost too many good friends to this disease! My goal is to live to see a medicine that will help us tremendously if not CURE us!

Visit Caren's FB Album - CF - Purchase art already on site, or art designed by request. Proceeds for pieces sold go to Cystic Fibrosis.  

Kyle Chester - See Kyle's Drawings and Paintings

Seth James - See Seth's Drawings and Paintings and Misc. Art

Lauren Spence - See Lauren's Drawings and Paintings
I am a 26 year old cystic, and I live in Northern Ireland.

Michael Shamblin - See Michael's Drawings and Paintings, Videos, and Photos
Michael Shamblin Grew up In Pittsburgh, Pa. After high school He worked 5 years in the construction business as a laborer and carpenter. In 1998 He enrolled in the Architecture program at Montana State University. In 2003 he completed his Master's degree in architecture. Currently Michael is working on building up his own business and completing the extermination process for his State License. Michael enjoys dirt-biking, skiing, walking his dogs and riding bicycles when he has the time and energy.
Michael Shamblin Design -

Chase Thompson  - See Chase's Tattoos
I'm 20 years old, and I was diagnosed with CF at 2 weeks old.  While sports is my first love, tattoos, have become a huge part of my life.  Every tattoo I have is for CF.  There are more to come.  Any questions?  Feel free to ask.

Nida George - See Nida's Drawings and Paintings

Danie Herbener - See Danie's Videos

Secand Chance - See Secand's Tattoos, Drawings and Paintings, and Photos

Taylor Grier
- See Taylor's Drawings and Paintings
TAYLOR IS 5 YEARS OLD AND Diagnosed at birth with Cystic Fibrosis. Taylor had meconium ileus at birth. he had a colostomy bag for six months and in Nicu at CHOA for 3 months. Taylor is a happy 5 year old that understands CF.

Dustin Dauncey - See Dustin's Videos
Dustin has CF, and his talented sister Katrina Dauncey produces music and videos to grow awareness and donations to fight CF.

Cloey Pita Shelor - See Cloey's Short Stories and Poems, Videos, and Drawings and Paintings
My name is Cloey Shelor and I write poems to express my feelings towards an upcoming transplant (already happened!!!) and my feelings about this world. Poems are my passion and I'm glad to share them with you!  I was born on March 22, 2001 which means I'm 12 years old. I was diagnosed at 14 weeks old. At 4 months I was 9 pounds. My dad was in the military so we lived on base. The doctor that was on call at the base accused my mom of not feeding me. Then they started doing tests. The first test they did sweat test and it came back positive. I do 1 hour and 50 minutes on a vest every day. Sometimes even 3 and a half hours when I'm in the hospital. My PFT's are 23% and I am on the list for a double lung transplant at Pittsburgh, PA. I take over 30 pills a day I live in Virginia. I like singing, bowling, writing and sometimes drawing. My dream is to run with a full breath. I wish for a new life, not sitting and shaking everyday.

Shana Gonzalez - See Shana's Tattoos and Misc. Art

Jon Capriotti
- See Jon's Drawings and Paintings and Photos
Jon Captiotti is a 17 and lives with cystic fibrosis and cf-related and hereditary chronic pancreatitis. Chronic pancreatitis is a debilitating and excruciatingly painful disease. He just had a total pancreatectomy spleenectomy and islet auto cell transplant at the University of Minnesota Amplatz Children's Hospital to cure him of CP. He is there recovering now.
Despite Jon's challenges, he still refuses to let his diseases define him. He is an accomplished musician who plays on a regular basis with Rockit for Kids at Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank, NJ. He is also a talented visual artist, and actor with Actors Playground School of Theatre and Playground Social Awareness Theatre Project. He is also a student film maker with Industry Film School, both in Freehold, NJ. He has a national student filmmaker award and has had a short film in the Garden State Film Festival.

Amy Carrie Mitha - See Amy's Drawings and Paintings and Photos
Hey my name is Amy I'm 28 years old from London uk, I was diagnosed with cf at 18 months the doctors told my mum I'd die by the age of 14 we proved them wrong obviously . But at the age of 14 I got rheumatoid arthritis which was completly unrelated to the cf this had been a huge test for me as all the medications to control it effects the cf. Since then I've had 3 operations on my left foot due to deformation from the arthritis and doctors are talking about more surgery's. The cf had been pretty controlled but in recent years I got cf related asthma and diabetes woop fun time . To keep myself busy and sane (though I don't think it works that well as I'm totally crazy ;-p) I love to draw, do photography, and sing. I never knew I could slightly draw till I got so ill and was waiting to be admitted I started printing and copying images found it calmed my tightness so try to carry it on when I can . host and any parties involved are not connected with any art sales between artist and buyer.

Alex and Isobel Elliott - See Alex and Isobel's Misc. Art

Anna Camille Smith - See Anna's Drawings and Paintings and Photos
Hey there guys! My name is Anna Camille Smith, i'm 16 years young! I was born on October 27, 1996 and i was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at 9 months old. Before i was diagnosed i had almost died of starvation because my parents couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. My pediatrician just kept saying i had low iron and when CF was brought up he swore up and down i didn't have it. My grandmother had a friend whose daughter has CF and she told my grandmother "she has CF you need to get her to the hospital now." So after my father threatened my pediatrician i finally got a refferal and my sweat test was positive. I was diagnosed with CFRD at age 13 and Pulmonary Hypertension at age 15. On average i take 5 hours worth of treatments a day and 32 pills a day. I enjoy Singing, drawing and doing photography in my spare time. And i love to tell others about CF anything to raise awareness is amazing. I can't wait for that day to come around when we are all cured and can breathe normally like everyone else. "Embrace what you were born with because it's beautiful." -Unknown

Sophie - See Sophie's Drawings and Paintings
Sophie is a 4 year old CF Artist.

Kenneth Beane Jr. - See Kenneth's Photos
My name is Kenneth and I am from Boston, MA. I was diagnosed with CF at 2 months old. My early childgood was a bit rough but I was blessed enough to get through that and have a very active life for a long time. I love sports and played baseball growing up as well as being an avid runner. Now I have dedicated myself to being a full time patient trying to improve the quality of my health. I enjoy photography from both sides of the lense and occasionally dabble in poetry albeit feebly at best.

Emily Tait - See Emily's Drawings and Paintings
I wasn't diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis until I was 12 years old. I am now 21 and enjoying life to the fullest. I've not had any complications with CF thus far, and for that I am very grateful. I am attending college for biochemistry and hope to one day get into pharmacy. While I wouldn't consider myself a very talented artist, I do enjoy "doodling" from time to time, but mostly to help me out for tests or to get extra credit in school. I'm excited to be a part of this community, and I look forward to seeing everyone's artwork!

Maria Umpierre - See Maria's Short Stories and Poems
I'm Maria. I was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at birth. I received a double lung transplant on July 28th 2008 and later on was diagnosed as diabetic as a result of the steroids I was given after transplant. Writing is one of my favorite things to do in the world even though I don't do it very much, I hope I can inspire people with what I write as for it is my wish to make a positive influence in someone's life.

Emily Capriotti - See Emily's Drawings and Paintings
Emily is a performing and visual artist. She had made her NJ Repertory Company debut last September as Kayla in the World Premiere of "Release Point" by playwright Gino Dilorio. Her theatrical credits include the dual roles of Phoebe (lead) and Macy in "The Gaggle" an original touring anti-bullying play by Ralph Colombino with Mini Misfits and Playground Theatre Project. She is also a company member with Mini Misfits, Playground Theatre Project, and Dude, Where's My Improv comedy troupe. She played as Maria in "The Pillowman" by Irish Playwright Martin McDonagh at Actors Playground School of Theatre and several other productions. Her film credits include numerous student and Indie films. She is currently in the acclaimed one act play written by William Mastrosimone, Bang Bang You're Dead . We are proud to announce she will be performing this at the NYC Fringe Festival this August. Emily is also a talented singer, playwright, poet, and visual artist. She has been in multiple student films and has been featured in a handful of NYU Tische film school's pieces, a new one filming this fall (senior thesis). Emily is the lead and the NYU film maker Liz Zubritzky will also bring some CF awareness with this film. Emily is 13 years old and just graduated 8th grade with honors. We are proud that she will be attending a performing arts high school 4 year acting conservatory program. She is 1 of 18 out of 100's who auditioned and was accepted. This force of nature will not let cystic fibrosis get in her way.

Amber Walker - See Amber's Drawings and Paintings and Photos
Amber Rose is the name. I’m going to be 21 on the 15th of July. I was diagnosed with CF at 6 weeks, CFRD at age 10 and I had a major stomach/intestinal surgery in Aug 2009. As a child, I was in and out of the hospital quite a bit. Around third grade, I became interested in motivational and inspirational quotes and saying and I combined that with my love for art. While in the hospital, I spend a majority of my time writing, drawing, and creating pictures that help me to stay positive during my stays. I love colors and designs. I also like to take and edit pictures. I’ve done CF awareness photos, cute love pictures, and many others. I am very excited to have some of my work posted here, so thank you!!!

Wendy Dayana Duran - See Wendy's Photos
Greetings to all. My name is Wendy Duran. I live in Manhattan, New York and I am 22 years old. I was diagnosed with CF at 4 months old when I struggled to gain weight. I've been pretty healthy with my first and last tune up in 2007. I am a borderline diabetic and the occasional joint pain in the winter time. I like to play the guitar (lots of Johnny cash songs) and listen to all kinds of music. Ultimately I would like to be an elementary school teacher. Feel free to send me a friend request. :)

Amy Speers
- See Amy's Misc. Art and Photos
Hi, I'm Amy Speers. I live in Northern Ireland. I have mild cf which my only have problems with my weight and the odd chest infection . I've got four lovely kids and a great husband .
My life with cf doesn't really bother me much. I wish I could take the pain and suffering from others for a while and give them a break from it .
Yes, you my look at me and think there's nothing wrong with me. But you don't really know just by looking at me, cos yes I look normal from the outside, but inside i have cf and that what make me the person I AM TODAY.

Amy Armstrong - See Amy's Drawings and Paintings

Victoria Mckennon
- See Victoria's Drawings and Paintings
Hi. My name is Victoria. I’m 16 years old and I have Cystic Fibrosis. I was diagnosed with CF when I was 7. Every infection was covered with oral antibiotics at home until I was around 12. I was admitted for my first lung tune up. It’s been rougher since but I’m overall very healthy. I love love love to draw. I like to speed skate and I also love acting. I can’t draw or paint without music playing. My favorite band of all time is fun. I’m pretty much a lot more interesting if you get to know me one on one.

Hysun Chung - See Hysun's Photos
Hysun's motto is Cherish Life. He is an aspiring photographer who loves being a part of the CF community.

Nicholas Maxfield - See Nicholas' Tattoos

Sami Young - See Sami's Music

Jillian Mc Nulty - See Jillian's Photo

Kristi Rasmussen - See Kristi's Drawings and Paintings

Joan Hammond - See Joan's Drawings and Paintings

Joan Hammond has CF and is 59 years old. She went misdiagnosed until she was 26 years old. She missed most of high school and had homebound teachers. Doctors didn't know what was wrong but told her she wasn't "sick enough" to have CF.
She lives in East Texas and worked in corporate communications for 25 yrs, using her degree in journalism.
Joan had to go on disability in 2007 and has used that time to reinvent herself as an artist. "It's something I have been longing to do for 30 years but could never find time for," she said. She took her first lesson in 2009 and paints exclusively in watercolors.

Stacey Burgess - See Stacey's Drawings and Paintings
Well, I view the world differently than most people. I believe that you must treat everyone with respect, no matter who they may be. I believe it is our obligation to the world to make it a better place and take care of on another. I am in love with any and all animals. I couldn't get through life without music and art. I find pleasure in small things. I don't take comfort in worldly possessions. People need to take less of the smaller things for granted and do away with the things that are of no value but we have placed value on them. I enjoy philosophy, working with children, art, photography, nature, and exercise. We could learn more from the minds of our young ones. I believe in acceptance and loving thy neighbor. I wouldn't consider myself a deeply religious person, but I do believe in a high power; that you have to do good and give good to get it in the end. I love to spend time with my family. My friends are the best I could ask for. That about sums me up.

Alexx Eh - See Alexx's Drawings and Paintings

Laura Anne Blanchard - See Laura's Tattoos and Drawings and Paintings

Joe Karlson - See Joe's Drawings and Paintings and Misc Art

Aaron Morrow - See Aaron's Music
Hello all, I'm Aaron Morrow, I am 18 years old and from South London, England. I was diagnosed with CF at birth and from there it has been one hell of a ride. I'm a fighter and always will fight CF. You can find me on Facebook. Many Thanks.

Ileana Lopez Gonzalez - See Ileana's Drawings and Paintings and Misc. Art

Meg DeMarco
- See Meg's Drawings and Paintings and Misc. Art

Alexander Garvin - See Alexander's Drawings and Paintings

Sage Michael Gregory Louviere - See Sage's Drawings and Paintings

Adam Church - See Adam's Drawings and Paintings

My name is Adam Church and I am from Amesbury Massachusetts and I'm currently living in the Boston area. I'm am 32 years old. I enjoy producing music, drawing, painting, tattooing, pretty much anything artistic. After I was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis while at the age of two at Mass General Hospital I later on (in my mid-teens) participated in several studies and clinical trials in an effort to help others maintain and hopefully someday cure this disease. One of the studies/trials I participated in was the one that helped develop the life changing drug Kalydeco. I feel very lucky to have the doctors and support team I have at MGH. Me and my girlfriend like to participate in CF awareness by doing the walks and donating to the CF foundation and #yestokalydeco so that the people who don't have access to it will very soon. I'm very happy to be a part of this website and look forward to becoming an active part of the community and seeing what my fellow cfer's are creating.

Jasmine Jordan - See Jasmine's Drawings and Paintings and Misc. Art

Taylor Raffield Singletary - See Taylor's Photos

Vincent Palacio - See Vincent's Photos

Jonathon Bell - See Jonathon's Drawings and Paintings

Kayla Danielle Crews - See Kayla's Drawings and Paintings

Emma-Marie Walton-Smith - See Emma-Marie's Photos

Donna Heaney - See Donna's Photos

Arielle Grondin
- See Arielle's Drawings and Paintings

Crystal Lynn - See Crystal's Photos

Mark Morgan - See Mark's Misc. Art

Claire Moody - See Claire's Drawings and Paintings

Ryan Brooks - See Ryan's Drawings and Paintings

Vicky Kiki - See Vicky's
Drawings and Paintings

Victoria Constable, 20 years old, diagnosed at birth with CF and in love with painting, drawing and designing creatures, characters and worlds. Currently active on Tumblr and Deviantart (Kikifoxbones), and with a website under construction

Nick Kelly - See Nick's Drawings and Paintings

Ellie Bartram - See Ellie's Drawings and Paintings

Anthony Tyler - See Anthony's Drawings and Paintings